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Lyrics Of The Week, Episode 305 – ‘Strange Girl’

In Anna's, Lyrics Of The Week on March 10, 2012 at 3:40 pm

Hello friends

I promised to post some rare Polish songs in this column and here goes the first jewel, Strange Girl by Gosia Rutkowska. Do not confuse this song with The Stranglers’ Strange Little Girl which is a completly different track. Strange Girl is a magical song and one of the first Anna’s Anthems i.e. either songs that talk about me or match my personality.

This is a completely unknown song even in my native country. It was published in very early ninetiees but was not very successful, although it reached a good position on Progamme 3 Music Chart which was one of the few sources of music at that time and this is where I remember it from. It simply stuck in my head. At that time I couldn’t record it yet but a couple of years later I did write to Marek Niedźwiedzki, the legendary radio DJ and the host of P3 Music Chart asking to play it in one of his programmes and I was waiting impatiently with my index finger on ‘record’ button . Once I recorded it, it became one of my favourite songs. When the era of cassettes passed, I wanted to get the song in mp3 format but it wasn’t so easy. The singer, Gosia Rutkowska, did not make a musical career in Poland and left for Australia so her record was not released again and despite my efforts I couldn’t find any CDs nor mp3 of her. In the end I posted the message on one of music storing portals saying that I’m searching for Strange Girl by Gosia Rutkowska and if there is any good soul who can share it, I will be grateful. I didn’t have much hope but guess what? A good soul named Robert did have it and did share it with me ! I told you it’s a magical song!

I think you’ll like this waltz-like pace, old fashion arrangement of instruments, Gosia’s beautiful voice and this smile-inducting laughter at the beginning. A couple of weeks ago I told you that my spirit sometimes dances when I walk and when she does, she definitely dances to the melody of this song.

One of the reasons I haven’t posted Strange Girl earlier was that I couldn’t find it on youtube or anywhere in the net. In the end I said to myself, No more waiting! and made my very first video for youtube yesterday  . I was working with windows movie maker and although I was following the instructions it was more like trying and checking the effect ten times until I finally succeeded. It is an extremely simple video and I’m constantly afraid it may be deleted because I don’t have copyright for the song but as you can see my adventure with Strange Girl is the epic history of searching and finding, this song is some kind of Anna’s Holy Grail .

Of course I couldn’t find lyrics anywhere so I wrote them down myself with the exceptions of two places where I simply couldn’t get the meaning. I also think that one line lacks a couple of words so I added them in square brackets. I could have listened to the lyrics again and again till I get the words I don’t understand yet but as I said I don’t want to wait any longer with publishing. So little is known about this song after all. And perhaps someone can help me to get the remaining words, I hardly ever ask for help but in this case I am not ashamed of that . Strange Girl she is not alone.

Gosia Rutkowska ‘Strange Girl’


Gosia Rutkowska

Strange Girl
When she is happy, she’s walking in the rain
Strange Girl walking in the rain
Sometimes when she is crying, she is dancing with her pain
Strange Girl dancing with her pain

She is talking to the flowers and animals
She is looking in the mirror and she’s lo… it on

Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Strange Girl!
Strange Girl!

She’s listening to the voices singing in her ears
She’s waiting for the pigeons to fly with them
She’s swimming in the river full of stars
She’s living on the other side of the rainbow

Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’

Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Everyobody says, ‘Strange girl!’
Strange Girl!
Strange Girl!

Somewhere deep in her heart she [can feel] she’s not alone
Strange Girl she is not alone
She knows she is ma….
When she’s dancing in the rain
Strange Girl dancing in the rain

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