Anna & Wed 's United Queendom


This is Anna and Wed ‘s United Queendom.

Hello, this is Anna the Black Queen.

Welcome to our United Queendom (the UQ). If you wonder why we called our place in this way I want to explain that although the word ‘queendom’ appeared in my mind more than one year ago, it had already been used by Jill Scott in her song I’m Not Afraid. It is so very adequate for me that I adopted it immediately. I have always been interested in history and this is where the nick ‘Queen Anna’ came from. But queendom means something more to me than only castles, dynasties, battles and treaties. Queendom is the whole of my creative activity: blogging, writing, making avatars, playing games, sharing ideas and opinions…generally everything that requires fresh and creative thinking. It’s not a geographical place, it is divided into many sites mostly in the Internet. It has its capital though (famous Annapolis) or to be more precise three capitals: Myspace, the historical one where everything began, Facebook the administrative one where the most of current activity takes place and this WordPress blog which is definitely the cultural capital city.

Why not ‘kingdom’? you may ask. Well, it’s simple. We are the two queens so the corect question would be ‘Why should it be a kingdom if there is no king here?’.

For the time being Wed the White Queen left the administrative duties to me because she is developing her new site

  1. Hey girlies. I look forward to hearing about all your Royal adventures. *hugs*

  2. Thx Annik, we’ll keep you updated *hugs*

  3. Annik love you are our very first visitor here and be always welcomed with the most special royal honours:**hugs*

  4. I’ve just finished reading biography of Wallis Simpson. Anna Boleyn and she had a lot of in common. Both were black sheep. Women are definately more determinated…

  5. I think they simply had to face the challenge they did not expect :)

  6. Keep your mind and heart open, and your spirit going. The renewal that sustains you sustains us all. Legacy is someone randomly coming across what you write years later and being inspired, piqued, and in touch.. With this moment.

  7. True. Thank you for commenting :)

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