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These posts were published apart from Lyrics Of The Week series. It’s amazing how much I cared for the low-paid job in a language school where students were teachers (and I already had MA diploma!).


Monday, March 13, 2006

nice weekend once again :-)

I came back to Czestochowa yesterday in the evening. I really enjoyed last weekend. I talked with my parents, watched Oscars relay (I’m glad Ang Lee got it although I strongly believe he should have been given this award for ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’) and a movie with my favourite Colin Farrell (‘The Recruit’), played with the cats and met my grandma. She is always delighted when I come to Oswiecim. I also met my friends, Marzena and Pawel. They are both ok and haven’t forgotten me yet

Two days ago I had ‘Moonspell and Nightwish Saturday Night Fever’ with my brother. He’s got a huge collection of these bands’ videos and we watched nearly all of them. I like ‘I’ll See You In My Dreams’ by Moonspell where they play in the zombies club and Fernando, the singer, is becoming the supper of the clients, hahahaah! I have impression that in this video Moonspell are making jokes of this gloomy and scary atmosphere of gothic metal. But they have right to do it cause they are one of the pioneers of this kind of music.

Nuts sent me a very good interview with Jerry, Sean and Mike. They are talking about Alice In Chains reunion concerts and they claim that nothing has been decided yet about the name under which they will play and the singer.I still think that they should use the abbreviation ‘AIC’ and play just as 3 people. I believe they shouldn’t hire anyone to replace Layne cause it’s impossible. Jerry can sing. He does it quite well both on albums and live recordings, so why not…?

PJ Fan asked me to add him to my friends. Of course, I did it with pleasure

I have a job interview tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me, please!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

after the job interview
Current mood:  anxious
I have just come back from my job interview. No decision has been taken yet and I feel little bit confused. I apply for the position of the teacher in a private school of English which is present all over Poland and I talked with a nice and polite lady who is the boss of Czestochowa branch.

She asked me to tell her about myself in English and we had a short conversation. Well, this conversation must have been not too dissapointing for her cause she gave me the test. I don’t like tests at all. One of the things that I enjoyed the most after I had finished the studies was the fact that I wouldn’t have to do the tests anymore. And yes, I didn’t like the one that she gave me. It was one of the worst types: grammar, word building, phrasal verbs and filling the gaps all combined together I HATE such tests. They only show me how much I still DON’T know. But what could I do? I filled the test and gave her back.

I will know the result on Thursday. We arranged another meeting that day so that I could observe the lesson. The school uses their own method of learning based on the Callan method and I heard that it requires a lot from the teacher.

Right now there’s not much I can do..nothing but waiting…I’m not sure if I am good enough for that work. After this f***ing test, I feel like my English is far from being excellent  But well, if I failed the test, the lady will tell me in a nice and polite way, ‘I am sorry to inform you that I cannot employ you..’ It’s frustrating to find out you aren’t good enough, however I will have to bear it with dignity and search for another job.

I think I will finish now and won’t think about it anymore. At least, till Thursday, ahahahha!!!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

about my new job (I hope..)
Current mood:  hopeful

Well, it seems that I will work in the school I mentioned two days before  It’s not official yet but I will be trained how to lead the classes. The lady didn’t say a word about the results of my test so I think it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It seems that I exaggerated again…nervous Girl!

If it wasn’t good, the lady simply wouldn’t employ me! She asked me if I want to teach in the way I had just seen. Their method requires a lot from both the teacher and the students, that’s why she wanted me to have a look at it before I decide to take that job. But I think I can manage to do that. So I will probably work there

I’m beginning my training next week.


Friday, March 17, 2006

totally Nightwished
Current mood:  contemplative

Well, yes, I have new obsession…I listen to Nightwish all the time and I can’t stop, hahahaha!

I discovered them thanks to my brother in 1998. I heard the song ‘Elvenpath’ from their debut album and it’s strange but I didn’t like it so much at that time. Well, maybe it’s not so strange cause I had the same situation with other bands like Moonspell and Within Tempation – I started to truly discover them some years ago. And ‘Elvenpath’ wasn’t a catchy song like the ones of Samael or Theatre Of Tragedy…it was rather difficult to listen because of the ‘running through the hills’ music and Tarja’s operatic voice. But there was sth so strange in this song that although I didn’t like it too much I constantly kept returning to it.

I’m really starting to discover them now when Nightwish is already a history. Tarja was thrown out of the band and though they want to continue with a new singer, it won’t be Nightwish for me anymore. I don’t know excatly what happened. I can only suppose that it’s because of the lack of understanding in financial matters between Tarja’s husband and the rest of the band. Tarja married an Argentinian (lucky she, hahaahah!!) who became her manager and probably he couldn’t compromise with the rest of the band. I think it’s the same situation like the one with Sepultura, where Max Cavalera, the leader, decided to leave after the rest of the band (including his brother Igor) didn’t want Gloria, Max’s wife, to be their manager anymore.

When I found out about sacking Tarja, I was furious on the rest of the band, especially Tuomas, the keyboard player. He is considered to be the leader of the band so I blamed him for this decision. However, now I am not angry on him anymore. First, he really IS an excellent artist. I think that keyboard parts add incredible atmosphere to Nightwish songs and create their beauty. I believe that Tuomas and Xytras from Samael are the best keyboard players of all gothic metal bands. Well, there is one more reason why I’m not angry anymore. Tuomas is a devoted Tolkien fan just like me and I can’t feel anger on any Tolkien fan

So I respect their decision. They have right to play with another singer and maybe they will even create good music but well…that won’t be Nightwish anymore. There are three factors that distinguish Nightwish for me: Tarja’s voice, Tumoas’ keyboards and Emppu’s guitar. If one of them dissapears…

And you know I think there will be the same history with them like with Iron Maiden. When Bruce Dickinson was leaving in 1992, the other members of the band were so angry that they said they would NEVER work with Bruce again even if he asked for it. They found new singer, recorded some albums, played some shows…and guess what? Now they are playing with Bruce again !!! I think that it will be the same with Nightwish and I only regret that they will waste some years to realise that they should be together.

Well, it seems that I’m talking a lot about them but it can’t replace listening. If anyone wants to find out why I love this band so much, please check their album ‘Century Child’ from 2003. It is showing how distant way they came from ‘Elvenpath’ to ‘The Beauty Of the Beast’


Sunday, March 19, 2006

16th anniversary
Current mood:  contemplative

Today is the 16th anniversary of an event that changed the Seattle music scene forever. It’s a very sad anniversary. Sixteen years ago Andrew Wood, the leader of Mother Love Bone, died from heroin overdose.

First I only knew the name of the band and its history. I was a devoted Pearl Jam fan and I knew that Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament played together for a number of years before Pearl Jam came into existenece. The names such as Green River, Mother Love Bone and Temple Of The Dog sounded a bit exotic to me and I never thought I might hear them. Remember that it was 1992, soon after the big economic and social changes were introduced in Poland. First private radio stations appeared but I could only hear Pearl Jam there and no previous bands of PJ members.

So when I bought the Singles soundtrack I experienced a true illumination (as I already wrote couple of days ago). Alice in Chains, unheard before Pearl Jam song, Chris Cornell, Soundgarden, Mudhoney…Listening to A side I was already hypnotised and it was just a half of the album! I still remember my hands trembling when I was putting the cassette on the B side. And I heard it…

It was something totally different than what I expected…Gentle piano sounds, a very original voice and easy song in a classical rock style. No pain, frustration and overdriven sounds like on Ten album. But hell, Mother Love Bone became my love from the very first listening!!!

I was lucky to find the cassette (pirate one, at the time we only had these ones in Poland ) with the whole Apple album. I loved the joy in MLB music, the easiness with which they played and Andy’s charisma. There was sth in his voice that it was impossible to mistaken him with any other singer. I also loved the way he played the piano. I often had to get up very early to get to school on time and it was usually a big problem for me cause I was going to sleep very late…but the best rock programmes were late at night and I couldn’t miss them!!! So I found a way to wake up: when the alarm clock was ringing, I immediately turned it off, took the headphones and listened to ‘Gentle Groove’ with the highest possible volume. It was my wake up song .  I still remember the sunrise with the sounds of piano. I’m not a trained musician but I believe that the piano was tuned in a special way or Andy played it in a special way…anyway, it sounded AMAZINGLY!!!

If there is any good aspect of his death…no there isn’t…every death leaves just pain and tears. But what I want to say is that Andy’s passing resulted also in sth good, i.e. a very beautiful music. His friends decided to make a tribute album to him and they recorded 10 incredible songs under the name of Temple Of The Dog. And during the work on the album Pearl Jam was born. If Andy had still lived, Pearl Jam would have never been born, Eddie Vedder would still have been surfing and playing in unknown bands in San Diego and we would never have heard such songs as Alive, Jeremy or Off He Goes. Sad option, isn’t it?

But when I’m thinking about how MLB career would have looked like, when I think about the music and lyrics they could have created and the shows they could have played…Just one point in time…one needle that wouldn’t have been used and the history could have been completely different…

Andrew Wood
8 Jan 1966 – 19 March 1990
…always in my heart…

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

about the delicate matter of sleeping with other person…
Current mood:  satisfied

…and I mean just sleeping, not having sex (sorry if I dissapointed you guys! )

My boyfriend and me are together since November 2000. I rent a flat and he still lives with his parents. He usually comes to me in the evening and stays till the morning, goes for his classes at the university, then he eats the dinner with his parents and returns to me in the evening. So as you can see we live and don’t live together at the same time.

The matter concerns bed-clothes. I like small pillows so I use one but he doesn’t sleep well on it and that’s why I gave him two medium – size pillows. Everything seemed to be ok until last Saturday when he brought an enormous pillow.

‘What’s that???’, I asked just like the Teletubbies do.
‘I haven’t slept comfortably recently’, he answered, ‘So my dad suggested me taking a bigger pillow from my bed. I rarely sleep in my parents’ house so I don’t need it there.’

My face must have looked confused cause he started to laugh immediately.

‘No, honey, don’t worry!’, he said, ‘I’m NOT moving to your flat! I just want to sleep comfortably! You are looking at me as if this pillow was a ring that I’m putting by force on your finger!’

I started to laugh, too. We are engaged to be married but no date has been established yet and I don’t think that will happen soon. We both love freedom and independence and we don’t want to lose it. Sometimes I have impression that both Angella and Devilla are sitting on my shoulders and keep persuading me

‘C’mon Girl, he is a perfect man for you’, says Angella, ‘Don’t waste your time, go marry him and have children with him!’
‘Are you going to prove that you love him by signing up the official document?’, Devilla ripostes, ‘Well, I know better ways to show him your emotions…’

Knowing our characters, I think we could become the first couple in the world to escape simultaneously straight from the altar

…much ado about a stupid pillow!

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