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Lyrics Of The Week, Episode 301 – ‘Sly’

In Anna's, Lyrics Of The Week on February 11, 2012 at 6:50 pm

Hello friends

I’ve recently realized that I have tendency to avoid posting some songs in Lyrics of the Week column in hope that I will do it in the future on special occasions. This attitude probably results from my way of thinking which concentrates on the future and from my love of making plans. Both these features are good as long as you don’t exaggerate and I have to admit it’s only now that I’m beginning to realize it . I used to think, Oh I will post this or that song when I achieve this or do that etc but many of these occasions didn’t take place at all so eventually I didn’t post the song neither. But this attitude is about to change. Today I’m celebrating the present with all its ups and downs.

Sly is one of these ‘songs in queue’, mostly because of the part I feel like a thousand years have passed I’m younger than I used to be I feel like the world is my home at last. There was a certain moment in my life when I thought I could sing these verses as if I had written them myself (if only I could sing in tune! ). I used to be a lonely and unhappy child and teenager but that changed when I began to work, meet people and discover the world around me. That helped me to gain this inner feeling of self-assurance which is invaluable because it makes you distanced from people’s wishes and expectations (in healthy proportions of course).  A child is helpless because when you are underage you don’t have a real alternative but at the same time a young person still has this freshness, enthusiasm to create and to enjoy life and hope when faced a problem. Once an alternative appeared in my life, I caught this gust of freshness again and in certain way I was younger than ever before. But the truth is that the burden that we carry from the earliest past doesn’t just disappear on our way, it stays and it even grows sometimes. When I look at myself now, I realize that. I am a thirty three year old with a face of a teenager and a soul of an old woman.

To my home which everybody owns. One of my constant dreams&visions is finding a place where I would feel like I belong. This is in fact one of the main themes of my life story and if you look at the tags of this blog you’ll surely see words like ithaca, searching for my own path in life, moving out etc. I am a little Ulysses girl. But I have understood that I don’t really have to search for a physical place. After all watching the people occupying streets all over Europe and the States I can see I am not the only one who doesn’t seem to find their place in life. This simple model ‘get a job-get a credit for a house- start a family’ doesn’t work anymore. I am not guilty of failing to achieve the old world’s expectactions. I do my best and if it’s not enough then it’s not my fault but the system’s. In the end I’ve been deprived of my physical home for more than 10 years now. Meanwhile I built my own queendom in the Internet: blogs, social networking sites, messengers…weird as it sounds but this beautiful wordpress service is like a home to my thoughts. As long as it exists I don’t feel homeless.

Somewhere in the music I can hear the bells I heard a thousand years before. It wasn’t until I began working with goddess oracle cards than I understood that despite the fact I was physically born into this world just thirty three years ago I had been here long time before. It’s sth beyond logics and explanation, it’s a feeling.  It’s like a spirit that takes my hand and tells me, You already know what to do. And I’m finally beginning to follow this message.

There’s always more. And that’s why I don’t lose hope that one day I’ll find what I’m searching for. But what Ulysses’ story taught me is that it’s not the target that counts the most, it’s our way to achieve it. We remember Odysseus now through his journey, not its destination. Some versions of his myth tell that after spending a couple of years at home he set off the journey again because so strong was his instinct of discovering.  So when I find my very own Ithaca and when this feeling of being young comes back to me one day, I can always click repost today’s lyrics. There’s always more.

Massive Attack&Nicolette ‘Sly’


Massive Attack&Nicolette

I try to believe what I feel these days
It makes life much easier for me
It’s hard to decide what is real these days
When things look so dizzy to me

I already know my children’s children’s faces
Voices that I’ve heard before
There’s always more
There’s always more

Wondering leaving the sea behind
To my home which everybody owns
Wondering, wondering
Where we can do what we please

I feel like a thousand years have passed
I’m younger than I used to be
I feel like the world is my home at last
I know everyone that I meet

Somewhere in the music I can hear the bells
I heard a thousand years before
There’s always more
There’s always more

Wondering is this there all there is
Since i was since I began to be
Wondering, wandering
Where we can do what we please

  1. I have a long playlist in my YouTube channel. It’s called “Future songs for my blog” (not really, but that’s what it’s short title means) and this playlist is far much longer than the one with the songs I’ve actually used. I’m not surprised, as I also have more “drafts” than published posts.
    And I know that you know that after some point, being young is different than feeling young, because the latter becomes more a state of mind and body than a page in the calendar.
    Fortunately, as the song says, “there is always more”.
    And I’m glad that you “feel like the world is my home at last”.

  2. Lol, it’s good to know I am not the only one! :D Thx for reading and commenting Pablo, I appreciate it a lot :) I guess the world still isn’t my home yet but at least I tamed it enough to live in it :)

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